Monday, May 2, 2011

Encounter Tables for Gamma World (or Mutant Future), Part 5

Seems like posts about Gamma World are getting more popular around the OSR lately, so I thought I'd finally get off my butt and post Part 5 of my Encounter Tables for old school 1st Edition Gamma World (revised slightly to comply as close as possible to Mutant Future rules).

As a reminder, Part 1 provides #1 - #5 and also explains why these encounter tables exist in the first place.  Part 2 has encounters #6 - #10. Part 3 has encounters #11-15. Part 4 has encounters #16-20. 

This particular set of encounters includes a version of a mutated wolf found in the appendix to Module G3: The Cleansing War of Garrick Blackhand, which coincidentally enough, James Maliszewski just blogged about last week.

The "land shark" is another classic mutant from the original 1st Edition Gamma World game that didn't make it into Mutant Future.

  1. Searchers (2) [AL L, MV 120’ (40’) plus special (see below), HD 6 (one has 7 HP), #AT 1, DG (by weapon type), SV L8 , ML 10]
    The first Searcher is wearing Medium Encased Military Armor (AC 1), flies at 475’/round, unarmed attack (9d6 damage), laser rifle (6d6 damage), Mutations: none.
    The second Searcher (with 7 hit points) is wearing Scout Encased Military Armor (AC 2), flies at 500’/round; unarmed attack (4d6 damage), gauss machine pistol (2d6 damage), Mutations: Aberrant Form – Xenomorphism (a large stomach that can digest any poison), Special – Displacement (once per hour, the character’s body automatically displaces itself to avoid danger to any area chosen by the GM within 120’.  If displacement would actually place the character in greater danger, it does not work. )
    These two searchers were in a group of nine when they were attacked by a pair of evil mutant wolf-men.  The other seven died, and the one with seven hit points was shot in the chest by some sort of strange heat-based weapon.  He is badly hurt and will gladly trade his armor for medical attention, food, and water.  The minifusion cell is good for two more charges. PCs may join the Searchers if they wish.
  2. Land-Shark (1)  [AL N, MV 300’ (100’) (burrowing), AC 4, HD 17, #AT 1, DG 9d6 (bite), SV L10, ML 11, Mutations: none.]
    This land-shark has mutated to adapt to life on land and is no longer capable of living in the ocean.  He is huge, about 35’ long, and attacks by burrowing beneath the sand and then suddenly appearing near its prey. 
  3. “Silver Shadows” (4) [AL N, MV 180’ (60’), AC 7, HD 6, #AT 2, DG 1d12 (claw) and 2d6 (bite), SV L6, ML 9, Mutations: Abnormal Form – Extra Body Parts (additional pair of legs), Chameleon Epidermis, Epidermal Susceptibility (Electricity), Shriek, “Time Fugue” (special –a silver shadow can create perfect copies of himself by moving back-and-forth in the time stream so that doubles of him seem to appear out of thin air.  He may make 1d10 doubles each time he uses this mutation.  The replicas will be equipped exactly as the silver shadow was equipped at some point in the previous 24-hour period.  Each replica lasts for four hours.  If any of them are “killed”, then after the four-hour period elapses, the silver shadow will fall unconscious for 1d20 minutes.  This mutation is usable once every three days. ]
    The silver shadow is a mutated grey wolf with six legs and glowing red eyes.  They hunt in packs and when close to prey, let out a Shriek and then strike at their target.  With particular tough prey, a silver shadow will use its special “Time Fugue” power to make it appear that there are actually more silver shadows present than there actually are.
  4. Mutated Panther (1) [AL N, MV 120’ (40’), AC 8, HD 8, #AT 2, DG 1d6 (claw) or 1d8 (bite) or 1d10(horns) , SV L8, ML 9, Mutations: Aberrant form (human-like hands with opposable thumbs), Aberrant form (enlarged parts - eyes), Aberrant form (natural weapon - horns.]
    This mutated panther stands on his hind legs and is two meters tall in height.  He wears tattered furs and skins, and is armed with a gauss rifle (3d6 damage), a bola, and one shock grenade.  He has only two magnetic “slugs” left for his rifle, so will be loathe to use it.  He was recently attacked by a group of Templars of Ancestral Purity (see Encounter #19nuh nuh nuh nineteen), and will befriend any friendly characters.
  5. Mutated Bears (2) [AL N, MV 120’ (40’), AC 5, HD 10, #AT 2, DG 1d10 (claws) or 2d10 (bite), SV L10, ML 10, Mutations: Aberrant form (new body parts – vocal articulators), Natural armor (a shell-like carapace ), Neural Telepathy]
    These two bears are out hunting for a made komodo dragon that has invaded their hunting grounds. 

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