Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Encounter Tables for Gamma World (or Mutant Future), Part 3

This presents Part 3 of my encounter tables for Gamma World and/or Mutant Future. Part 1 provides #1 - #5 and also explains why these encounter tables exist in the first place.  Part 2 has encounters #6 - #10. 


The following is designated open game content per the Open Game License

  1. Mutant Plant (1) [AL N, MV 0’ (0’), AC 5, HD 3, #AT 1, DG 1d6 (throwing thorns, 50’ range) or tangle (vines that entangle opponents that get within 5’ of the plant), SV L3, ML 10, Mutations: animal limbs or organs (eyestalks), projectile thorns (1d6 damage), tripping tendrils (entangle instead of doing damage; plant is STR 15)]
  2. Healers (4) [AL N and L, MV 120’ (40’), AC 10, HD 5, 3 x 4, #AT 1, DG 1d2 (unarmed), SV L5, ML 8, Mutations:  one of the healers with 4 HD has psionic flight and neural telepathy.]
    The leader is actually an android, accompanied by two pure humans and a mutant human.  They will only attack in self-defense.  They are carrying two healing packs and a broken medical droid which they are taking back to their base – the nearest “shrine” where 20 more healers are found.
  3. “Wanderers” (3) [AL N, MV 120’ (40’), AC 10, HD 2 x 4, 1 x 2, #AT 1, DG 2d12 (uzi), 1d8 (medium caliber pistol), 1d6 (rapier), 2d8 (heavy military rifle), SV L4, ML 7, Mutations: none.]
    The leader, a pure human male named Phalk, has four HD and is carrying the uzi, pistol, and rapier.  Another pure human male named “Sarge” with four HD is carrying the rifle.  The last is a young pure human girl named Phaina with no attacks.  They are running from a group of pillagers who have been ravaging the countryside (see Encounter #14, below).  They are searching for a mythical home called “Genesis.”
  4. “Pillagers” (14) [AL C, MV 120’ (40’), AC 9, HD 1 x 6, 1 x 5, 12 x 4, #AT 1, DG 1d10 (shotgun), 1d8 (medium caliber pistol), 1d8 (civilian rifle), 1d6 (light caliber pistol), 1d6 (short sword), 1d6 -1 (shovel, pick, hand axe, etc.), SV L5 (leaders) or L4, ML 8 (leaders) or 6, Mutations: none.]
    The leader is carrying the shotgun.  His lieutenant is carrying the medium caliber pistol.  Of the remaining pillagers, two are carrying the civilian rifles, three are carrying light caliber pistols and short swords, and the rest are carrying an assortment of makeshift weapons such as shovels, picks, axes, etc.  This group of rabble-rousers have been terrorizing the countryside and are particularly interested in harassing the “wanderers” from Encounter #13. 
  5. Brother of the 11th Commandment (1) [AL L, MV 120’ (40’), AC 10, HD 3, #At 1, DG 1d6 (staff) or 1d4 (dagger), SV L3, ML 6, Mutations: none]
    This lone wanderer prefers not to attack (part of the 11th commandment to preserve all life).  He will offer help to anyone he meets by giving food, directions, etc.

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