Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Here Comes the Judge

Well, one of them, anyway.

A few months ago, All Around Cool Cat, Random Wizard, asked me if I'd once again be willing to be a judge for the 2015 One-Page Dungeon Contest. I had a blast judging last year, and was honored again to accept.

Joining me this year are Steve Winter, who was a judge last year as well, and Teos Abadia (his Twitter is here), and once again I feel like the little kid who is sitting at the card table at Thanksgiving while the "big kids" get to drink wine and have adult conversations at the fancy table. But, clearly RW saw something he liked in my judging and that's enough for me.

For those who participated in last year's contest, or who read my blog, may notice that the list of judges is smaller this year. I think that's kind of cool, though - I'm hoping it will give the three of us a chance to chat more directly and see what we all think of the entries (after the contest, of course - we don't "debate" which one(s) should win - it's based purely on votes/points as tabulated by Random Wizard). When the judges were first announced on Twitter, appropriately enough on March 4th, we already had a bit of a goofy back-and-forth:

You can get all of the details on the contest (the rules, how to enter, etc.) by following the link above to the 2015 contest. Here on my blog, you can read my thoughts on judging last year's contest, as well as my interview with a few of last year's judges on their thoughts of the contest (which is also linked to on the 2015 One Page Dungeon Contest website, and which also impacted some of the rules for this year's contest).

You've got about 30 days to get your submissions entered into the contest, so use that time to think of a cool idea, get a good map, and make sure to check for typos and logical flow. I'm looking forward to reading some great entries again this year.

Good luck, everyone!

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