Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Slightly New Organization to the Blog List

While adding a new blog to my blog roll today (MTV's Geek News), I realized that my blog roll is kind of a mish-mash of a bunch of things I follow, but it's not really organized for people who are checking it out for different reasons.  Most of my followers are coming from the OSR (at least, I think), and I realized that they might not necessarily be interested in the latest update on 1970s comics or science fiction.

So, I've added blog "categories" to make things easier to find.

Geek News: This is a collection of sites/blogs that provide stories that could be of interest to any type of geek.  They cover RPGs, comics, video games, TV shows, movies, etc.  I've also included "Geek Life", a semi-regular blog on, well, geek life, by the author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks.

RPG Blogs: This is a catch-all category (and the largest one, by far) of blogs written by people providing thoughts, memories, and game content for RPGs.  Almost all of them are related to the OSR in one form or another, but a few new-school gamers sneak in as well.  This is also the category that includes what I'd call "amateur" publishers, like Jim Raggi from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. I don't use the word "amateur" in a negative sense here, but rather just as a way to distinguish them from the "big" publishers like Paizo, etc.  It's an admittedly vague distinction that I may change later.

RPG Publishers: This is where you'll find the blogs from "professional" game publishers like Paizo, Green Ronin, and the fine folks at Kobold Quarterly

Comics Blogs & Online Comics: Here's where you'll go to check out stuff like Order of the Stick, as well as the super-fly Diversions of the Groovy Kind (a blog focused on Silver-age comics from the 1970s).

Science-Fiction Blogs: So far, there's only one blog here, the most excellent Space 1970 (focusing on science fiction TV shows and movies from the 1970s).  I grew up with this stuff, so it appeals to me greatly.

Author Blogs: This is another rather vaguely defined category that I created, but I noticed that Monte Cook, for example, while primarily known as one of the main designers behind D&D 3rd Edition and the publisher of Malhavoc Press products, tends to actually blog more about non-RPG topics.  Robin Laws is another one who dabbles in RPG-related posts, but covers other areas as well.  I put my friend Wil Wheaton in this category, because more than anything else now, I'd consider him an author more than an actor.  I'm not sure if he'd agree with that or not, but this is where he's going for now.  Erik Mona from Paizo is represented here in the form of Lemuria Press, although he hasn't updated that thing in ages.

Friends' Blogs: This category is represented by a single lone entry, my buddy Joe.  Joe doesn't play RPGs, but he reads comics, works in IT, and really is a consummate geek.  His blog is pretty entertaining, but he hasn't updated it since his trip to Vietnam last August.

Advertising Blogs: Last but not least, I put my ad agency's blog on here in the hopes that maybe a topic will interest someone who has a need to hire an ad agency and they'll contact me.  Besides, it's good to broaden your horizons, right?  You might see something there that sparks your interest about marketing and advertising.

So, there you go.  I hope you find this new organization system easier to navigate.


  1. Looking good, I always love me some organization! I might recommend creating more pages along the top of your blog, however, so that there's not as much scrolling needed...I'm a new convert to the pages concept, as you've seen with my recent reorg of my own blog. Just an opinion.

  2. Thanks, @Drance! I toyed with doing them as pages, and I still may do so. I think my main thing is... I'm lazy. I use my own blog roll as a way of keeping tabs on what's new, and I feel that if there were on different pages on my site, I might check them less frequently. :)

    It's definitely something I'm considering, though, since the list is growing so long and there are so many categories.

  3. I like the increased organization. Creating effective genre categories is tough. If you come up with a good system, I'd love to hear about it.


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