Saturday, July 16, 2011

Extremely Self-Serving Blog Post (Google+)

As most of you all know, I run my own boutique advertising agency here in Los Angeles and have been on a very aggressive kick to drum up some new clients lately, which explains my lack of posting. 

As part of trying to market my agency, I write a weekly blog post about things happening in the advertising industry, specifically related to what's called media planning and media buying (my particular area of expertise). 

I actually thought this week's blog post might be interesting to some of you, given that it has much broader implications beyond the advertising world.  It's entitled "Just What Is Google+, and What Does It Mean to Me?"

The aim of this particular post is to answer the following questions:

  1. What exactly is Google+?
  2. How is it different from Facebook?
  3. How can it be used for business?
I've seen a few people recently in the OSR community mentioning that they were playing around with Google+, so it seemed like it might be a topic of interest.

While we're at it, yes, I do have a Google+ page (although there's nothing much there now since I just got it).  You can also find me on Facebook or follow my Twitter feed, should you like.  

1 comment:

  1. Informative and timely - thanks! I'll be interested to see how well Google+ is accepted by users. If nothing else, the history of the internet has proven that users are fickle, and that most successes are accidental, while most coordinated attempts to supplant an existing user favorite end in failure. Google's got quite a trend to buck if G+ is going to succeed...


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