Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Appendix G"? Gamma World Resources

In case you missed it, Jay over at the very cool Gamma World War site is putting together a list of inspirational reading (and watching) material for post-apocalyptic games, similar to the 1st Edition DMG's famous "Appendix N."  Jay is calling his "Appendix G" (for Gamma, of course) and is welcoming comments and additional submissions. 

What's pretty cool is that Jay has broken his list into categories, including both Fiction and Non-Fiction books, Movies, TV Fiction, TV Documentaries, RPGs, Franchises, Comics, Video Games, and (interestingly) YouTube.  I know that many people bemoan the day when a list of RPG inspirations included only books, but that ship has sailed.  Why not embrace all forms of media that might inspire someone?  Jay's off to a good start with his list.

Why not drop by and add in your two cents regarding your favorite post-apocalyptic inspirations? 


  1. Adds it to the list of science fantasy projects I need to do.

  2. Thanks for the shout out Martin. It's not comprehensive, but it's a starting point. :)


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