Friday, June 10, 2011

Two D&D Articles On the Internets Today

To be fair, there are probably more than two, but I saw these two articles pop up and they seemed relevant to share.

The first is Part 2 of Boing Boing's story about a dad teaching four 2nd-graders how to play Dungeons & Dragons.  Yeah, he's using 4th Edition rules, but it's still fun to read about bringing up the next generation of tabletop RPG'ers.  I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to play. 

The other article I saw was on GeekDad's blog over on - this time from author Ethan Gilsdorf, author of Fantasy Freaks & Gaming Geeks. This particular article looks to be sort of a quick "intro" to his book, speaking as it does about how D&D provided an escape for him when he was growing up with a mom who had been hospitalized with a brain aneurism but returned home a completely different person that he and his siblings called "The Momster." I've always wanted to read his book, even moreso after having read this short post by him.  I think a lot of us can relate to how D&D was sort of the "glue" that kept us sane during our awkward pre-pubescent days. 


  1. First, I want to say thank you for adding a link to House Rulz to your blog.

    I am a father of three, my youngest is 14. I tried my hardest to get my kids to play RPG's with me, but no luck. They all shake their head and call me their Nerd Dad.

    In hindsight I think I waited too long to try and start them. I never thought of trying to start them in second grade. I would not have thought they could sit still long enough.

  2. Hey there, @House_Rulz! Thanks for stopping by.

    My daughter is going to be 2 in a little less than a month (she has a cool birthday: 07/08/09), so she's way too young to get started on the RPG bandwagon. But, I have taken her over to my FLGS several times, and she likes to look at the minis, dice, and "picture books." Last time she even sat still long enough for me to look at some stuff and make a purchase.



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