Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Popular Posts and Current Page Stats

I've posted on my stats before - after my first week of blogging in February 2011, and then again early April when I was shocked that my post on reviewing "Sucker Punch" got more page views that my posts on playing D&D the same weekend. 

Well, I was just looking at my stats today, and noticed a few more interesting things:

  1. For the first time since I started the blog, the "How It All Started" post (my second post, made on February 11th, wherein I talk about how I got into playing RPGs and geek culture in general) is no longer the most viewed post.  That honor now goes to "Really Cool Custom Action Figure Site" (posted on May 14th), with a total of 108 page views.  "How It All Started" is now second with 92 page views.
  2. A post that I just made yesterday, "Game Stores: Gemco and Other Chain & Department Stores" has skyrocketed to become the third most viewed post in the history of my blog.  My guess is that the dramatic increase in page views is partly just due to the fact that I have a lot more followers now than I did back when I made the other posts, but part of it also has to be the subject matter, because the only other semi-recent post that made the Top 10 was "Music & Monsters, or What Do Gamers Listen To?" from June 7th. 
  3. The Open Game License has been viewed 14 times.  Hopefully someone out there is using the NPCs I created for Mutant Future!  If so, drop me a line. I'd love to know about it.
  4. Almost all of my traffic comes from bloggers in the OSR.  In the Top 10 of all time are Tim Brannan, Risus Monkey, Jeff Rients, Hill Cantons, Rather Gamey, Daddy Grognard, Swords & Sanity, Grognardia, and SWKhakhan.
  5. While they didn't crack the Top 10, I would be remiss if I didn't also single out both Digital Orc and Once More Unto the Breach, who have driven quite a bit of traffic here.  Both are great blogs and their owners, Dylan and Drance, respectively, share a lot in common with me. 
  6. I surprisingly get quite a bit of traffic from Google.  In the top searches of all time are:
    1. "daddyrolleda1.blogspot.com" (11 searches)
    2. "d&d snacks" (9 searches)
    3. "gamma world encounters" (7 searches)
    4. "daddy rolled a 1" (5 searches)
    5. "gamma world" (3 searches)
    6. "pathfinder roleplaying game: ultimate combat playtest roun" (3 searches)
    7. "best d&d snacks" (2 searches)
    8. "dungeons and dragons snacks" (2 searches)
    9. "i will say is that the book was" (2 searches)
      1. This one always kills me.  I don't get it!
    10. "picture of samurai soto" (2 searches)
  7. The Top 10 Countries of Origin of my readers are:
    1. United States
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Australia
    4. Canada
    5. Germany
    6. France
    7. Netherlands
    8. Iran
    9. Russia
    10. Spain
  8. Firefox is still the preferred brower (40%), but 29% of you are viewing the Daddy by using Internet Exploder.  Chrome and Safari round out the Top 4. No real shockers here.
  9. 76% of my readers are using Windows, and 11% are on a Mac.  Again, no real shockers here.
 So, to me this is all pretty interesting since I check my stats from time-to-time, mostly to find out which posts have been viewed the most so I know what kind of topics people are most interested in.  Although most of my posts are about playing RPGs, some of the more popular posts (in terms of page views) are actually about other things like toys, comics, and movies.  So, I'll continue to mix things up a little bit.

Also, I'd like to take a second to welcome all of my new followers - I've gotten about 16 new followers just in the past month or so, which is awesome.  Glad you're all enjoying my ramblings! 

What about all of you?  How do your page stats track with mine in terms of where your traffic comes from.  What are your most popular posts?  Mention them in the comments so I can check them out!

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  1. Awesome. Glad to send traffic your way!

    I should post something like this, I always find these things interesting.

  2. Hey Tim - thanks for stopping by. Your site has driven more traffic, by a factor of four, than the next biggest site. And it's all happened within the past two weeks or so. All of a sudden, literally thousands of your readers have jumped over here to check out my blog!

  3. It's nobody's business but the Turks.

    Interesting bit about what blogs are feeding your own by way of the blog roll (glad to see that readers of mine are making it over here). Jeffs is a big feeder of my own, first over all time.

  4. Thanks for the props, Martin! Hey, one of the things I hoped to accomplish by starting a blog was to find kindred spirits. I think I've found some, present company included. Thanks for helping to make it worthwhile. Jeff's Gameblog and Underdark Gazette account for a lot of my traffic, as well as your blog. You've inspired me to think about doing my own stats review for my blog! Sorry to be a biter, as the kids say. Oh, and it seems like a lot of searches for "giant spiders in virginia" bring people to my blog (one of my posts was titled "Yes Virginia, there are Giant Spiders")!

  5. I find that my movie review posts tend to get more visitors than my gaming posts, too--though not always more comments.

  6. Thanks Martin. My own most popular posts include cyberpunk characters, my one page module series, and any with "hot" and "chick" in the title. I get the most traffic from Cyclopeatron and Underdark Gazette. Typically my favorite posts aren't overly popular.

  7. @ckutalik - Awesome that you picked up on the song! Jeff was my biggest feeder into Tim's came on strong lately for whatever reason.

    @Drance - back at ya! And your "giant spiders" thing killed me. So funny.

    @Trey - I have the exact same experience.

    @Dylan - totally agree with you about how my favorite posts not always being the most popular. Usually my favorite posts don't even get any comments!

  8. Good to see that I'm throwing you some eyeballs. Keep up the good work!


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