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World of Samoth: Adventure Logs #2 - #14

As I mentioned in my first post about my World of Samoth recaps, the World of Samoth is my home campaign that I've been running since May of 2001.  I believe that next weekend is the "official" 10th Anniversary of me actually DM'ing this campaign, although I've been working on it since my Freshman year of college way back in 1988/1989. 

In my continuing quest to update all of the old information I had on my old Yahoo! Geocities site (alas, poor Geocities.  We hardly knew thee.), I've dug up the old recaps from our sessions and am posting them in order. 

This particular series of recaps includes #2 - #14 back from 2001/2002.  The good thing about these particular recaps is that, for the most part, they're pretty darn concise.  It wasn't until much later in the game that I took to writing way-too-long two-three page recaps.  Since these are each just a few paragraphs, each with only two-three sentences, you can breeze through them pretty quickly.

In this particular series, we see the adventurers (called by the very unoriginal name, "The Company") participating in the following modules/adventures:

  • Module B6: The Veiled Society (an old D&D Basic adventure that I converted to D&D 3.0)
  • The Burning Plague, a free online 3.0 adventure written by Monte Cook that used to be housed on the Wizards website
  • The Crucible of Freya, an old D&D 3.0 adventure by Necromancer Game (1st Edition Feel!)
For all of them, I changed all of the names of the NPCs to be vaguely Spanish-sounding, since the characters were all in the country of  EsorĂ­a, my campaign's equivalent of late Medieval Spain.  And, like any other DM, I worked in some transitional stuff to flow the adventures together.  As you read through it, you'll also see that I had to deal with a lot of player turnover during this time.  One player completely dropped out after the first session (the guy who played Tennyson the bard), and one other player (the guy who played Gur Prasaad, the pacifist-paladin) pretty much only showed up intermittently.  We did add a player during this time, though, which was cool.  He later dropped out, though!

Of all of the players and characters mentioned in these first few recaps, only my friend Brian, who plays the character Jeremi Udall (a cleric/sorcerer) is still playing.  My wife (who played a rogue named Sebastian) was actually playing all the way up until a couple of years ago when my daughter was born, but then she took "a hit for the team" by dropping out in order to allow me to continue DM'ing for the gang. 

We were supposed to play again today, actually, but one of my players recently had some surgery and he's recovering.  So, we had to postpone.  I'm hoping to play again in the next few weeks, and add in another player, who is part of my Friday night game group.  

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