Friday, May 27, 2011

New Blogs Added to the Blog Roll

Since I've been on somewhat of a Gamma World kick lately, I thought I'd check out some blogs that are specifically dedicated to post-apocalyptic gaming.  I found three (so far) that I've added to the blog roll.  

  • Gamma Rites: This site is dedicated to 1st and 2nd Edition Gamma World, which is right up my alley because they're the only two editions of the game I've ever actually played.  He doesn't update it often, but there's some really great stuff on here.  He's got campaign ideas, skill system options, background archetypes, and other info.  
  • The Savage Afterworld: This site bills itself as presenting "adventures, creatures, artifacts, mutations, and discussion for Goblinoid Games' Mutant Future RPG as well as other Science Fantasy games in a post-apocalyptic future."  Personally, I like it because he's done a full-on conversion of "Thundarr the Barbarian" for Mutant Future. SOLD!  
  • Gamma World War: This is a really fun site that I just discovered about 30 minutes ago, but that I can already tell I'm going to enjoy.  The premise here is that in a far future, post-apocalyptic earth, the last surviving pure humans battle against mutants for supremacy of the Earth.  Just as things are at the worst, however, there's an alien invasion and the humans and mutants have to band together to defend their planet.  It just seems like a lot of creative and goofy fun.

I'm thinking of actually creating a new blog-roll category for post-apocalyptic RPG bloggers just to make it easier to find what people are looking for.  I know some of my players really aren't into post-apocalyptic gaming for some reason.  :)

And just so fantasy gamers don't feel left out, I've also added Gothridge Manor to the blog roll.  This is a straight-up Old-School blog by Tim Shorts, author of the One-Shot Adventure Series modules.  

You should definitely check these blogs out.  I've found tons of cool ideas that I can use in future campaigns.  


  1. Nice collection of GW-related sites.

  2. You might want to visit, too...

  3. Hey @Thomas - thanks! Just added it!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Martin! :D


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