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New Comics Wednesday: Recent Reviews

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This is a splash page from Coda #1. 
Today is Wednesday, and that means it's New Comic Book Day - the day all of this week's new comics hit the store shelves (both physically and digitally). Every comic I feature here on Daddy Rolled a 1 is one that I'll personally be picking up later this evening when I go to my local shop with my daughter after I pick her up from school.

Please note also that every Wednesday, I tweet out which issues I picked up that week, and then over the course of the week I send out individual tweets with 140-character reviews of each issue. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Lastly, if you're really interested in more comic reviews, I do "professional" reviews for the comic book site, 
ComicAttack where I post my reviews under the name "Martin." You can search my tag to see what I've reviewed lately. 

For today's post, I thought I'd actually point folks over to some recent reviews I've done for comics that might be of interest to the role-playing game crowd. 

I am always a big fan of supporting local comic book shops, so my suggestion would be to look on the Comic Shop Locator to see if you can find a shop near you that might have these issues, but if not, I've also included links below to where you can buy digital versions on Comixology. 

This is one of my favorite recent comics. It's an independent title from Boom! Studios, and in my review of the first issue, I described it as essentially a mash-up between Tolkien and Mad Max. The premise is essentially that, only a few years before the beginning of the story, there was an apocalyptic event that succeeded in destroy all magic. The characters are living in a post-magic world full of paladins, bards, and various fantasy creatures, but magic is gone. The main character is Sir Hum (he calls himself "X" but given his penchant for saying "Hm..." when people ask him questions, he's picked up the name of Sir Hum), a wandering bard scoundrel who is searching for a way to save his missing wife. He rides an interesting creature referred to as a "pentacorn," which is basically like a nightmare version of a unicorn, and one that speaks, except the only thing it ever does is curse. 

The visuals are done in a uniquely cartoon-like style, but they are very detailed, and the world-building in the story is incredible. It's a world that would make for a fun D&D campaign, and it seems pretty clear that the creators have at least some experience with role-playing. They even include a map of the world in the back-matter of the first issue. 

I reviewed both the first and fourth issues for I suspect that you should still be able to find all of the issues relatively easily, but there's a chance that it might come out in a trade paperback version of the first few issues relatively soon as well. 

If you don't want physical copies, you can always buy them digitally at Comixology here

Sandman Universe
Neil Gaiman's Sandman was one of my favorite comic series, and one of the first I read that made me realize that comics don't have to all be about superheroes in capes. I highly recommend it to everyone, whether they are into comics or not. 

Recently, a new comic came out, called Sandman Universe, that sets the stage for a variety of new titles that take place in the Sandman universe. I reviewed the first issue here. You can buy digital copies at Comixology here

A short and sweet description: 1970's Blaxploitation noir story of a black woman reporter for a small newspaper in impoverished Detroit, investigating the murder of a young black kid, and dealing with the rampant sexism and racism of the time. Also, there's Cthulhu stuff. 

I really loved this book, also published by Boom! Studios. It was a short limited series that just recently ended, but you can find the issues at Comixology. There is a trade version coming out soon, but the individual issues are also available. 

Aside from these, I also review a lot of DC comics for the site. If you search for my tag on, you can find all of my reviews. 

Let me know whether you end up reading any of these, or what books you're currently reading. 

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