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The Humans of the World of Samoth (Part 2)

While looking over my notes for my campaign world, I discovered a few items from my ancient Yahoo! Geocities website, and found the write-up for the Druid class (which I thought I'd just chosen not to include; see Part 1 of "The Humans of the World of Samoth"), as well as discussions of a few others classes.

Some of the information below was from 3rd party sources, such as feats and some of the character classes. My intent here isn't to provide rules, but rather gave you a sense of the flavor of the world by seeing how different classes could be integrated into the campaign.

The druid is becoming something of an anachronism in the new, "modern" world. With the conversion of barbarian tribes to the more civilized religions, druids find themselves more and more considered outsiders by society. There are cases of druids banding together to protect endangered forest lands or to help crops grow for hungry people. There are even legends of an ancient society of druids stretching back to an age before the time of humans. Most druids in these times, however, are loners and know nothing of such stories.  
Feat Suggestions: Totem, Totem Link, Brew Potion are good choices for the example Druid, below. (Note that Totem and Totem Link were both feats from Green Ronin's Shaman's Handbook for 3rd Edition).
Medicine Man (Example):You are one of the spiritual leaders of an unconverted barbarian tribe in Kovlich. Many campaigns have been waged upon your people, but you have held steadfast in your faith of the old ways of local folklore and superstition. You are determined to keep your traditions alive in this new age.
Suggested Skills: Craft (Alchemy), Knowledge (Religion - Superstition), Survival


With GM approval, certain other classes may be appropriate for a World of Samoth campaign. The statistics for these classes will come from the GM. Descriptions and the roles of some of these classes are noted below.

Note that many of these alternate classes can be played with the standard classes (such as a Cleric or Druid in place of a Shaman or a Fighter or Paladin in place of a Samurai). The information presented below and the character concepts listed therein would still be appropriate.

The shaman can be found throughout the more uncivilized areas of Samoth, acting as spiritual leaders for barbarian tribes or as lone hermits leading ascetic lives in remote regions. Shamans are found mainly in the outlying areas of the Supreme Empire (particularly the Chu Province) and in Atkira. There are also a few shamans in the Lugalate of Nur, and in Kovlich and Margova. Their deep connection with the spirit world frightens some and entrances others. Many shamans are unable to handle their spiritual gifts and not a few are known to have become mentally unstable. 

Feat Suggestions:
Craft Fetish, Craft Charm, Totem (Horse) (Note: These feats were all mainly from the Shaman's Handbook for 3rd Edition).
Chu Dreamer (Example): You are part of a nomadic group of horsemen in the dusty deserts of Chu. The Emperor mostly leaves your people alone except when he requires cavalry to bring the other provinces into line. Since the consolidation of the Supreme Empire, however, wars have been almost non-existent and you are now free to tend to the spiritual needs of your people. The Shamans of Chu have long been seers of great power by interpreting dreams. Of late, however, your dreams and interactions with the spirit world have become dark, and you have left to find the answers that you can't find by staying with your tribe.     
     Suggested Skills: Knowledge (Spirits), Heal, Ride, Knowledge (Religion - Chu Animism), Dreaming (Special) (Note: The Dreaming skill was from the 3rd Edition Shaman's Handbook)

The samurai class is part of the nobility of the Supreme Empire. They have powerful martial abilities that make them indispensable for the Emperor. There are few samurai outside of the Supreme Empire, but some can be found among the Sepoy Kpeshiya of Verunhi. The Bellin of the Lugalate of Nur also have a tradition very similar to the Samurai of the Supreme Empire. (Note: This version of the samurai was most likely from Mongoose Publishing's The Quintessential Samurai).
Feat Suggestions: Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery, Dodger, Spring Attack
Lone Wolf (Example): A samurai without a lord, you are known as Ronin. Many such lordless samurai are sellswords, but you have chosen a different path by becoming a protector of the weak and helpless. The lower classes are treated poorly by the aristocracy in the Supreme Empire, and you have decided to try to change that. Your chosen path will be difficult, for not only will you need to fight to protect the innocent, but you will constantly be hunted by the ruling classes of the Supreme Empire as an outlaw.
     Suggested Skills: Bluff, Intimidate, Perception

Other Alternate Classes: Shugenja (Elemental Imperial Bhuwani Rishis of the Sun Court of the Supreme Empire), Sohei (Temple Guardian of the Bhuwani Faith), Witch (primitive nature spellcaster).

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