Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Changes for Daddy Rolled a 1

Hey there Cool Cats and Ring-a-Ding Dames!

I've been making some changes here lately, starting with the new logo and slightly redesigned page layout.

In addition to that, the Daddy now has a separate Twitter account and Facebook page. My tweets about comics and gaming are now mainly going to come from the new Twitter feed, which is also linked over in the side-bar there on the right.

On the Daddy Rolled a 1 Facebook page, I'll be posting stuff that's a bit long for a 140 character Tweet, but not quite long enough to make a compelling blog post, so expect to see updates on the games I'm playing, movie and TV I'm watching, and of course fun activities with my daughter, such as shooting her new Disney "Merida" bow-and-arrow outside in our front yard for her birthday. Lots of pictures and other stuff will be there as well.  You can also click over to the Facebook page to "Like" it over there in the sidebar underneath the Twitter feed.

Of course, if you're still interested in my personal Twitter account, Tartinm, please continue to follow me there. On that account I mainly tweet about craft beers, wines, sometimes cocktails, and also some advertising/marketing stuff (my job) and just random things.

All right - I'm Scramsville!


  1. Lookin' good around here, Martin! Hope all is well!

    1. Thanks man! Appreciate the kind words.

  2. Love it! Was thinking of doing a Facebook page myself. Glad to see someone else thought it a worthwhile idea. Can't wait to check yours out.

    1. Thanks! Of course, I'm completely under-utilizing Facebook right now. Got so swamped at work over the past few weeks that I didn't have much time to blog or tweet or post to FB. I was also prepping for yesterday's game, which ate the last remaining bit of my freetime.



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