Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Join Me on Google+ and Blogger Shout-Out

Hello, Daddy-Os! 

This is a relatively quick post, but I've added a link to my Google+ profile over on the right, under the Twitter section.  I've noticed a ton of gamers hang out there, and I actually have more gamers in my Google+ Circles than I have followers on my blog. So, head over there and join me.  I'm very intrigued by the idea of of joining an online Google+ "Hangout" game, but I haven't done it yet.

Secondly, I've been thinking about how, since I started my blog, I've "met" a lot of cool fellow bloggers online who take time out of their days to come read my posts and also comment.  So, I thought I'd mention a few of them below as a "thank you" with the hopes of driving some traffic their way.  Lots of these are "smaller" blogs, like mine, with follower counts in the high double-digits or low triples, but of course a few of them are the big guys that most OSR types follow.

First up are five great blogs from five people who have commented here the most (and who also have blogs - a lot of people who leave comments don't have their own).

  • Digital Orc Dylan was one of the first guys to comment on my blog, and we share a lot in common through being fathers and also enjoying craft beer and nice wines. Dylan is doing a really cool OSR project right now, with all contributors getting a free piece of custom artwork of the character they send to Dylan. I got one and it's really cool! I'll be sharing it soon.
  • Once More Unto the Breach Drance has also commented here quite a bit, and was the subject of a little kerfuffle with everyone's favorite blowhard, Alexis over at the Tao of D&D earlier this year. But, what interests me more is that Drance seems to be in a similar state as me, in that he likes the idea of old-school games from our youth but might not necessarily be tied to wanting to use those systems. It looks like he's going to be experimenting with Labyrinth Lord but before that, he was using Castles & Crusades which appeals to me because I'm one of those weird old-school guys who actually likes the d20 system. 
  • Kelvin Green's Blog Some I'm totally lame because Kelvin comments here all the time, but for some reason I thought his main blog was over at the Brighton Roleplayers Blog. Until today while looking up the URLs of each blog. Whoops. I can already tell just from glancing at Kelvin's blog that I'm going to enjoy reading it. 
  • From the Sorcerer's Skull. I totally love this blog, and I suspect that most of you are already reading it. If you're not, head over there right now. I'll still be here when you get back. Trey wrote the awesome Weird Adventures book (there's a link on his blog) which I'm currently reading, and which I know must have taken him forever to write, so I appreciate that he continues to take time out of his writing to drop by here to leave comments. 
  •  A Rust Monster Ate My Sword Christopher's gotten a little busy lately and hasn't posted as much, but he seems like a really cool guy and we emailed back-and-forth a bit a few months ago while Christopher was contemplating a move out to the West Coast and was looking for info on housing, the job market, etc. I'm really hoping that he gets back to blogging soon.
 So, I think just by virtue of the number of comments, those five had the most. But, there are a ton of other cool bloggers whose blogs I love (and read everytime they update them) and who also comment here all the time that I'd like to acknowledge:

  • Risus Monkey
  • The Savage Afterworld For post-apocalyptic old-school games.
  • A Paladin in Citadel I discovered a lot of cool blogs from Aaron's blog roll.
  •  The Other Side This blog from Timothy Brannan is still the record-holder for driving the most traffic to my site.  I'm not sure if one day I wrote a post about a witch or about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or something, but his followers came over here in droves!
  • Random Wizard The Random Wizard is a relatively new All Around Cool Cat here at Daddy Rolled a 1, but he's been commenting pretty consistently.
  • James Mishler's Adventures in Gaming v2 James was, if I remember correctly, the very first person outside of my own gaming group to comment on my blog. He's currently auctioning off some of his old gaming stuff to pay some medical bills, so head on over to see how you can help him out.
  • Barking Alien
  • The RPG Corner Sir Larkins hasn't commented lately, but he used to come around quite often. Hope you're doing well!
  • Jeff's Gameblog Jeff Rients doesn't need any help from me to drive traffic to his site, but I think it's cool that he comments here from time-to-time and also he's responsible for one of my favorite comments ever on this post I made: "I'd adventure the crap out of that map."
  • Gamma World War! I went through a phase about a year ago where I was posting a lot of my old Gamma World notes and converting them to Mutant Future, which is around the time I find Jay's very cool blog.
  • Hill Cantons ckutalik has commented here many times over the past year or so. He's got a lot of blogs but this is the one I read the most often.
  • Roll For Initiative This is a cool blog particularly for me, since it's mostly about playing Pathfinder which is the system I find myself using most often these days. 

So, thanks, everyone! Hope you enjoy the blogs, and I'll look for you on Google+!

Hanging: Home office (laptop)
Drinking: (Had a Speakeasy IPA at lunch)
Listening: "Summer Wind" by Frank Sinatra


    1. Awesome! Thanks for the nod! I'm not sold on Google+ myself just yet. I'm concerned about privacy and don't have a good handle on it yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out for you!

    2. Man, way to make me feel bad for neglecting my blog! I recently met and started dating an amazing woman and have had no time to write any posts. I have been meaning to review Frank Mentzer's latest adventure Lich Dungeon, but time is at a premium. Thanks for the link Mr. Thomas.

    3. Thanks for the kind words. It's nice to be mentioned in the same category as so many great blogs.

    4. Thank you! I'm afraid I've neglected my personal blog for a while -- for various reasons -- but I hope to get back to it.

      I've only played in one G+ game, but it was good fun and I would do it again in a shot.

    5. Hey all - thanks for commenting!

      @Digital Orc - What specifically are your concerns about privacy on Google+? I'm just curious, both from a personal standpoint but also from a work-standpoint, since I have to recommend that a lot of my clients set up Google+ profiles.

      @Random Wizard - no worries, man! I go through long periods of time when I don't update my blog! "Real life" always comes first.

      @Trey - I definitely would put "FTSS" up there with all of the great blogs. I'm so glad you finally got to publish Weird Adventures - it's been a great read so far, and I keep telling my game group about all of the little bits of info in there that could be the basis of an entire campaign. Nice touch on "Little Carcosa", BTW. Very unexpected.

      @Kelvin - Very cool that you've done a G+ game. I'm curious how it might work and if I could use it to entice some of my lapsed players to get back into gaming.

    6. Our lawyer at work told us to not do social networks (such as Google+) and gave us several precedents of state employees fired for inappropriate statements published online. I shouldn't be on FB either, though, so I'm not following the advice completely. (Though I may quit it soon.) This is why I use an pseudonym on my blog.

    7. Hey @Digital Orc - ah, gotcha! That makes a lot of sense within the context of your job. My best friend is a Judge for L.A. County and he's been mentioning to me recently how often social networks are used as evidence during trial. I was frankly a little shocked and surprised by what governmetn agents are allowed to do in terms of hacking into peoples' social networks in order to get evidence against them.

      I think it's sad, though, that a state/federal employee can't have a separate, private social media presence that doesn't affect his or her job, but I've heard so many stories of people being persecuted based on posts they made that have nothing to do with their job performance. My Judge friend does not have FB/G+/Twitter for specifically this reason, but another very good friend of mine is a Deputy District Attorney for L.A. County and he's all over social media and comments quite frequently on his gaming (which tends to be more Cthulhu-based). Go figure. :)

      1. It is too bad, especially, for Google+ 'cause I'd love to try the hangouts and flailsnail games... oh well.

    8. Awesome, I am honored to be mentioned in the same post as so many other great blogs.

      I must be sending people over because they come to my blog and see I am still going on about the same crap so they go to you! :-)

      1. Haha! That's hilarious! Totally not true, of course. I could honestly never figure it out - it was like just during one month last year, but in that month you drove like 1,600 visitors to my site and just by virtue of that you've still remained my number one traffic-driver of all time.

    9. Hey, Martin - thanks for the bump! Sorry I'm just getting around to reading this now - late to the party, as always. :P As for my own blog, maybe one of these days I'll have something that I feel is worth posting. Been starting to feel the need to play some Gamma World lately (I'm sure my fiancee's constant reminders that her favorite character has unfinished business have helped!) - hopefully that will generate the spark I need to crank out at least a few posts...


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