Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What People Are Searching For

Fellow blogger and All Around Cool Cat Christopher B mentioned that he's seen other posts in the RPG blogosphere regarding what people type into the search bar in Google that ends up linking them to a particular blog, and he said it had never happened to him on his blog.

Well, this is for you - after slightly fewer than four weeks of blogging, here's the list of what people have typed into Google and then ended up clicking over to my site.  Each search string has only been clicked on once.

I'm gathering that the highlighted ones were searched after I made my last post.  

  • cal & d game
  • cosmic aeroplane
  • d&d 4th edition sucks
  • daddy rolled a 1
  • erol otus
  • i will say is that the book was
  • i will say is that the book was rolled a 1
  • ralph bakshi wizards rent
  • rolled a 1

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