Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Online

I just caught this over at Science Fiction World, but there is going to be a new, updated volume of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction coming out in 2012, and the entire thing is going to be available online for FREE. 

This is great news for people interested in science fiction, with 12,000 entries covering everything from authors, illustrators, movies, music, games, books, or fanzines.  The 2012 edition is purportedly going to have over 3.0 million words, compared to 1.3 million words for the previous volume (published in 1993).  The online edition will also have over 100,000 external links to additional content. 

You can sign up for news regarding the project at


  1. I had to buy a copy of that as part of my degree; so many hours were lost reading that and following references to other pages. I dread to think what will happen if I start reading an expanded online version.

  2. @Kelvin - Apparently, according to the sales write-up, you would be "intrigued for a millennia." :)

    I guess it's best just to stay away rather than get sucked in.

  3. I don't have "a millennia" to spare!

    "A millenia"? Tsk.


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