Monday, April 18, 2011

The Invasion of Work

Posting's been a little lighter lately than I would like.  When I started the blog, I had planned to try to make a post every weekday. 

Lately, work has kind of gotten in the way a bit.  The short version: I own my own boutique advertising agency in California, and a few months ago our main client that we've worked with for over six years was acquired by a huge capital investment firm.  The first thing the new owners did was cancel the contracts of all of the existing agencies, including mine. 

So, I'm in a very aggressive "new business mode" trying to secure new clients.  I feel that if I'm doing anything else during the day (like posting to the blog), then I'm not being efficient in terms of getting new business, and consequently I'm letting my co-workers down, who are relying on me to keep the agency running. 

I'm still continuing to game on the weekends (I just ran a session of my ongoing World of Samoth campaign yesterday), and I do spend a bit of my very limited down-time perusing other blogs and reading gaming materials. 

SHAMELESS PLUG: If you know of anybody who could use advertising services, please share our agency's information with them.  We have experience in all categories (including having worked on the advertising for D&D 3rd Edition for Wizards of the Coast) and all media types (TV, digital, magazines, etc.).  Our agency's site is located here:

Thanks, everyone!


  1. Hey Martin, sorry to hear about the change in the work sitch and subsequent free time reduction. As you have seen from my blog, I've had work recently put a hurting on my own gaming and free time. I'm currently on a steep learning curve as the new guy at my new job. I hate being the new guy! Anyway, good luck! I will keep my eyes open, but I am way out here on the east coast. BTW, I responded to your C&C question on my last blog post...

  2. Hey, thanks! I appreciate the well-wishes and good thoughts. My work partner and I are definitely using a "power of positive thinking approach" toward getting new clients.

    Regarding you being on the East Coast - some of my clients have been out there as well! We have had clients all over the country, and even some in Brazil.

    And thanks for your comments on C&C... I've been a little lax about checking out the ole' blogosphere this week, but I'll head over there now... :)

  3. Martin: just letting you know (by way of reply to your comment on my blog) that I'm also very interested in the DCC game, but the last thing I need is ANOTHER old-school style RPG!

    C&C is perfect for easy NPC creation and fast combat. You just need to tell your players up front that they're doing old school gaming, and not expect anything more than what the game will give them. We've been told by the newer game systems that characters have to have all sorts of feats and powers and combat moves, but that's just brainwashing!


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