My Twitter Friend, TTRPGKids (which is managed by Steph C.) created a fun idea called the Business Card Quest 2023 Jam, and I'm participating. The idea is for TTRPG creators to submit a business card that on one side has their contact details, and on the reverse has either part of a map (that can be combined with the other business cards) or an NPC, item, or other TTRPG element to be used while playing a game. 

I submitted my card with a short table intended to add variety to the map elements other entrants submitted. Given the small business card size, the table is a bit difficult to read, so I linked to this post with a QR Code on the card to provide an easier-to-read (and with a bit more detail) way to use the info. For regular blog readers, it's possible this post may go live before my business card is submitted. 

I looked through the submissions and five business cards stood out to me: a campsite with a mysterious campfire and some shadows in the dark, a lake with eggs at the bottom, a bunch of different familiars, three trees full of a murder of crows, and some runes. Here's what I did with them. 


  1. Mimic the PCs' actions perfectly.
  2. Feed on the campfire, taking away the heat. 
  3. Have no owners. The shadows move independently. (This was originally written as a small boy running into the campsite; he has lost his shadow and is in a panic. But, I couldn't fit the description into the table).
  4. Are cast only by the PCs. Trees and other objects at the campsite do not cast any shadows. 

  1. Is frozen. The eggs are sitting on top. 
  2. Is sacred to a local tribe of kobolds. 
  3. Is sentient, and speaks to the PCs telepathically.
  4. If the eggs are eaten, they provide (1D4): 1) A curse; 2) a boon; 3) Indigestion; 4) A full day's sustenance

  1. A dream that's been manifested.
  2. The spirit of a deceased person. 
  3. A spy for the Faerie Queen. 
  4. A guide, but there's a 25% chance it will deliberately lead its followers astray.

THE CROWS... (1D4):
  1. Are visitors from the Ravenfell.
  2. Cough instead of caw.
  3. Protect against all shadows. 
  4. Can be befriended with poetry. 

THE RUNES... (1D4):
  1. Were carved by local teenagers as a joke. 
  2. Summon a long-forgotten saint or hero. 
  3. Provide a cryptic answer to a single question, then disappear. 
  4. When read (1D4): 1) Cast a cantrip, determined randomly; 2) Explode; 3) Disappear; 4) Bless the reader. 

I hope you enjoy these additions to the Business Card Quest Jam 2023! Let me know if you use any of these. 

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