Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Professional" Comic Book Reviews

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the fine folks over at to write some reviews for them, based primarily on the reviews I've been writing here for my New Comics Wednesday posts.

It also helps that the owner of is also the manager of my local comic book shop, Collector's Paradise, and I've gotten to know him and his staff fairly well over the past six months or so.

My reviews at ComicAttack are mainly going to focus on either #1 issues, independent comics, or "events," as they already have writers who are dedicated to the mainstream stuff like Batman, the Avengers, etc. So far, I've done two reviews for them. The first one is for the first four issues of Über, a World War II era comic about a scenario where, just a few days short of the end of the war in Europe, the Nazis are able to field some medically modified super-soldiers. These soldiers aren't enough to "save" the Third Reich - Germany and the areas it conquered during the war are in ruins - but they are enough to keep the war going to Hitler can get his revenge by causing as much destruction as possible. It's brutal war storytelling, and you should check out my review if you're into war comics, history, or "what if?" style scenarios. The second review I did was for the first half of this summer's big event from DC Comics - "Trinity War" - about how the three Justice Leagues (the main team, Justice League of America, and Justice League Dark) are manipulated by a mystery villain into fighting each other, presumably to keep them occupied to the villain can accomplish his true goal (which is yet to be revealed).

Later this week, they'll be publishing my third review, of all-ages comic Scratch9: Cat Tails, which is cool because my daughter, my wife, and I got to meet the writer and one of the artists at Collector's Paradise yesterday, and they kindly signed the first issue for my daughter.

Although I'll be doing reviews for, I'll still be writing my own reviews here on Wednesdays as well, and I'll try not to overlap the two. That may mean less of a focus here on Daddy Rolled a 1 on independent titles for the time being, and more of a focus on stuff from DC and Marvel. Since I've already established before that I'm a huge fan of DC's characters, that shouldn't be a problem. And, you can always follow my Twitter account, where I post short 140-character reviews of the titles I pick up each week and post links to the reviews I do at  ComicAttack, so that you don't miss anything that might interest you.

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