Monday, February 4, 2013

More Monday Pulp Goodness: The Pulp-O-Mizer

Chris B. over at A Rust Monster Ate My Sword totally ninja'd me on this one, because I had this post ready-to-go to post later today.

In any event, over the weekend, I read about a cool site called the Pulp-o-Mizer, where you can create your own 1930s-style pulp magazine "covers", digitally, using a variety of templates, magazine titles, pictures, backgrounds, etc., and adding your own text.

I created this adjacent image in only about 5 minutes just to test it out.

As a cool feature of the site, you can then download your creation but also then turn it into a poster, coffee mug, iPad case, notebook, cards, etc. Very cool, and a fun way to waste a little time if, say, you're like me and have to jump onto a weekly work conference call in about 8 minutes.

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