Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World of Samoth: First Two Adventure Logs

The World of Samoth is my personal campaign I've been running since May 2001, based on a world I've been tinkering with since my freshman year of college.  I used to have a website for it, based in Yahoo! Geocities, but since that site folded I haven't had a campaign website until recently.  I've started to rebuild a lot of the information on a Google Sites Campaign Website, which you can find here.

The campaign started out using D&D 3rd Edition rules, mainly as a way to teach my team at work how to play D&D since we had just landed the advertising account for Wizards of the Coast.  And, of course I was also eager to place some adventures in this campaign world I'd been working on at that point for about 13 years.

Through the years, we changed the campaign over to D&D 3.5, and we're now using a mixture of Pathfinder along with some old 3.5 stuff that we were too lazy to change over, and also adding in a dash of Trailblazer.  Basically - I adjudicate a lot of things on the fly, and lately have been just trying to speed things along rather than get bogged down looking up the rules.

We are still actively playing this campaign, and I try to be diligent about writing up the adventure summaries after each game.  In order to keep everything in order, I'm going to go back and re-post all of the original summaries dating all the way back to May 2001.

The first two summaries can be found here

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